Me and my thoughts because of you.


I was standing there, in the distance.
Trying to hide from everyone.
I want to be alone, or donít I?
I donít know, itís all blurry in my head.
There is too much going on there and these miserable thoughts affects my heart.
As time slowly passes by, Iíve been thinking so much.
I think I figured out, or didnít I?
I donít know there is too much shouting in my head, it got me a headache.
As weeks flew one after one, my heart is healing better.
I donít need to cry for you no more, or do I?
From now on things must get better, because I know Iím better off alone.
But why do I take roads that lead me nowhere?
Why do I have to let myself down every time?
All I know is it happens every single time.
Iíve got to be strong; Iíve got to hold on.
I will get through this just as I always used to do.
Iíll be alright, Iíll find my way.
Stumble and fall thatís how we do it all.
But I got to do this on my way.
I will learn from mistakes and I will try to learn from all.
I know I always take the harder ways, but thatís who I am.
I know I often hurt myself with taking the hard ways, but thatís how I get myself tougher.
And a human has to be tough in this cruel world, or donít we?
No-one needs to worry about me, because one day; I will find my way.
And at a certainly day I will have peace with this world by taking the good roads.

12 februari 2011



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