Found her!


She is amazing to me
wishing for someone all my life,
never thought it would be a 'she', that I will find.
now I am wondering where she has been all my life .
have been searching for understanding for who i am
never could find it true the eyes of a man

She is amazing to me
When She talks to me, I feel that I am alive.
Her voice is like the sweetest thing I ever heard.
Her attitude is to never buy a cage for a bird.
she has this smile which makes me melt
it's like every time she looked at me she new exactly how I felt.
Her pure hart, filled with honesty and care for the world
makes me want to embrace and protect her from all the hurt.

She is amazing to me
A message from her: I think you are THE shit!!
I couldn't believe it, but really she did!!
I had to let her know that I feel the same,
I'm a bit new to this so I don't know the rules to play the game.
Did try to be upfront and honest about my feelings for her
and the sweetheart that she is, she tried to gently let me down without hurting me further.

Now I'm wondering how this can be, didn't I read her signals right?
Hate to be near her, watching her, able to hear her
and not have her green light.

The difficulty of the situation is what I brought on by myself
I remember walking away, being happy that day at half past twelve.

Never realized she just thought: 'what a great friend'.
I'm trying my best to make these feelings end.

Nonetheless I really feel like a fool thinking of
all sort off ways to have her near
and most importantly too see if I can get a
reaction out of....... Her!!!
This is when it kicks in,
my anger concealed in my biggest fear.

I try as hard as I can, not to make her my priority while being her option. (a option she say's she decline's),
Can someone please tell me how the hell I got in this situation.
Don't forget the most essential part, how can I get out.

I'm a mess because she also told me
that I'm quite a catch, without a doubt.
The issues she has are off some other kind, so I'm patiently waiting for her to sort things out.

She needs to find her peace of mind
because she is still pulling me away and back
not making it easy for me to find the key to her heart
only when she's ready I can know for sure
she is the one, the one I was suppose to find

12 augustus 2009


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