mat van mid

Swimming in dark turbid water,
The fish below are yet extinct.
On top the wrinkles
sound like politicians,
trying to move the dead around

I feel like a fossil
in a forgotten cage
Where sun nor rain will never come
But only shadows move around.
Im a prisoner of life

A scream of help
Lives in my body
but only love
can make me shout

I was lost and without goal
The use was none for me to stay
Live had left me to fade out
My days where gone
I almost closed my heart

Then the odds turned on me
just one look in your dark eyes
It shook me up
In full surprise
Your living hair
And spicy smell
It dug me out of tons of stone
A full blown impact on my soul

So what am I to do now angel
Laying here naked out in the air
Lend me your ear
And hold me tightly
So finely I can call for help.

Please stay with me
And make me flourish
Because Im chanceless on my own.
Put my head down on your shoulders
and let me whet you with my tears.

Cause it is you that set me free.
It is you that let me to be.
So I am your responsibility.
You and me
Into me you see

19 december 2005


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