You made the light in me shine so bright
You gotta now these feelings for You
are the hardest thing I ever had to fight.

I just want to feel the possibility of knowing you could be mine
Why fight what this is, it's our souls which are connecting so fine.

I never met someone capable of making me see
that my dreams are ones to believe
I feel the need to relieve, I' am ready to achieve
and yes sweetheart I'm ready to receive.

You opened up my eyes, my heart and my mind
However the way our paths will evolve................... to me,
You are a treasure for one to find.

One day I hope you'll see
that the day we met, March 17
was meant to be

You'll never believe me if I told you how the universe,
meaning me has send a message, You answered
While I'm trying to make you see We is what We deserve.

You're shinning through, making my entire being as brightened
as you and your incredible take on life
Which just makes me wanna smile......... all of the time.

For sure it hasn't been easy creating a world where we can feel fine
people like us have some difficulties that others decline.
I'm letting it sink in that this is who I am, feeling, analyzing is an important part of me. One I can't deny.

You awakened this sleepy part inside, there is no need to disagree
Further more when it comes to You I'm patiently anticipating which direction this will go until You find the courage of showing me there can be only We......

12 augustus 2009


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