It's hard..


There are days,
I actually get a smile on my face,
and the sun shines again,
before disappearing behind the wall of dark gray clouds,
together catching up my life.

Sometimes I even dare to think about the future,
really hope to have it right.
But when I get home I'm abruptly reminded of the misery,
the pain and sorrow.
Everything is still the same,
waiting for your arrival,
All things sorted out,
exactly as you wanted.

She can not help it,
it's not her fault that she looks so much like you,
Finally, are you her mother.
But it does me so much pain,
her appearance and pleading eyes,
asking for attention and time,
but I can not,
it is all still too fresh,
it cuts me through my soul,
picking her up would leave me in complete collapse,
while now I must be strong,
for her and for me.

When I drag on to bed,
My heart and soul cry even more harder.
Your room and bed is empty,
will always remain
No more fun together at night,
those cuddling hands in the dark..

I do my best to stay upright,
view from day to day,
Accept everything as it comes,
until God decides to take me to,
that day I will laugh with joy,
that the reunion will be with you soon then.

It is hard my sister,
since you're gone,
it is hard .....

20 april 2012


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