Just me

It`s late at night
Suddenly, a text message appears on my phone
It`s you
Can we hang?
Iím flustered and answer
Sure, see you in a bit

My mind is going crazy
I can`t concentrate
It`s frustrating
But wonderfull at the same time

My hart skippes a beat
I never felt this way before
It`s uncharted territory
And it scares the hell out of me

My phone rings
Iím here
Iím coming down I answer
There you are

The sky is dark
The streets are empty
But here we are
We started talking

We sat on the couth talking.. reading each other
It felt so familiar
So good liked itís meant to be this way
Suddenly our hands touch
A strange and unknown feeling creeps over me

Why do you make me feel this way
I do not no
You have some kind of control over me
It`s like I see only you nothing else matters

Every time I see you
Its like I am drawn to you
My hearth begins to beat faster
I know I want you
But do you want me too?

All though the timing isnít right
I know you feel something for me too
So why is it so hard to make a choice
You said to me that you havenít felt this way before

Why are you trying so hard to hide away your feelings for me
After all these years faith brought us to getter again
I believe that everything happens for a reason
So what is our reason
Do we ignore faith?
Or do we take this opportunity faith created for us?

Now you are not with me
Iím longing for your touch
For you to make me smile again
When I am with you
I feel hole
Like I am untouchable

Donít leave me waiting long
Hurry back to me
So I can make you feel what I feel
My lips long for yours
I know you want me Iíve seen it in your eyes
And your eyes donít lie

We are like two peas in a pod
You asked me if it was going to get boring after a while
But if we are so much alike we both wonít fuck this up
The simple reason for that is that we both long for this feeling
We want to succeed, so we will
Trust me and take the risk with me

22 november 2011


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