My Poem....!


I'm writing you this poem,
but it's one you'll never see.
Because I cannot tell you
just how much you mean to me.

You're the one who understands
the demons that I fight,
you're the one who likes to read
the rubbish that I write.

You're the one who sticks by me
when I have lost my mind,
and helps me very gently
once again the words to find.

You're the one who never tires
of what I have to say,
you're the one who makes me think
I've brightened up your day.

You're the one that I can trust
with all my fear and pain,
you who waits so patiently
while I try to explain.

You're the one I'm trying to keep
from entering my heart,
you're the one that I so miss
each time that we're apart.

You're the one that I would want
to live with and grow old,
you're the one whose warmed this heart
that once was very cold.

You're the one who understands
and loves me just the same,
you, who gives unselfishly,
with nothing to be gained.

You're the one with whom
I am afraid to fall in love,
you're the one that childhood dreams
are often written of.

You're the one I want to love
with all my heart and soul,
you, who took my breath away,
and too, whose heart you stole.

25 februari 2005


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