Once upon a time,there was agirl,
in her jounger years she had a lot of hurt.
How can i grow up?
in a war i cald home?
Never know how to schelter for the storm.
Help me to see the pain, across my sisters face,
everytime he put her on her place.
Hear my sister yelling?while i am crying in my room...
Hope it will be over soon...
Bruses fade father,buth te pain remains the same!
I still remember how you kept me so afraid.
Every morning that i wake,
i look back at yesterday,
buth now i am ok!
has bine a while that i carried all this skin,
when it was you that made me put up these walls that if been in.
Shadows stud up at night,
in a crack in the wall
a shadow of a child that screams NO MORE!
Daddy for you its just a memory,buth for me it still lives on.
Its not easy to forget
buth now youre gone,
and i can live on!

15 februari 2005


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