Miss you like crazy


Sitting in my room,
Thinking of you,
and wondering if you love me,
love me like I do to you..

So much questions,
But also an emptiness in my head,
Only your eyes, burned in my memory,
forever, always..

The regret I didn't talk to you,
the sadness of my departure,
Can I ever see you again?
I don't even know your name..

Back in this cold country,
still thinking of you,
you're always on my mind,
searched for you..

Now I know your name,
It sounds like music in my ears,
For the first time I hear your voice,
So clear and lovely..

Then you say you like me,
I feel a anger,
The anger I left you,
left you without warning,

You asked me do you believe,
believe in love at first sight?
I couldn't answer,
The only thing I thought was,
This is not possible..

There's nothing left,
only the photo's you send me,
I still want to say only one thing..

3 december 2005



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