A lesson was learned

iana coverdale

Once I had a friend,
Loyal and true, for no human he was
My guardian, A wolf
we grew up among treachery
yet we were true to each other
standing side by side when necessary.
Loving each other when no one else did.
So I made my friend, wolf, a man
and there he was made from a wolf,
into a fierceless knight
bleu eyes and white wolfy hair he had,
riding off with his noble steed
it was like a fairytale at first
but then, it became a twisted tale
I had made a terrible mistake
He learned the human way
and changed. A man indeed
He betrayed me with treachery not unknown
Leaving me behind
and forgot about me
I tried to yell, reminding him,
but he kept on moving further away
Many times Ive stared in his direction
A glimpse I sometimes saw
I was trapped, for my heart said the one,
and my mind said the other
With conspiracy within myself
I was still there waiting
hoping he would come back
but he never did.
Ive learned my lesson now
I had let my friend got lost inside a coyotes mind
Changed the law of physics,
so dear me went on but never forgot,
the day I made a man from a wolf.

18 mei 2005


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