A little boy's dream


From the moment you walked into my life
yes, that was the moment when I realized.
That you were the one I'm dreaming off.
You made me fell in love.

It is you that I'm thinking off at night.
It is you who I want to stay by my side.

These couple of days were hard for me
didn't know what to do, what to say.
It's like a fairy tale that was ment to be.
But this one won't end, at least, I pray.

There isn't a second that goes by, that I wish,
that you lie in my arms and gave me that sweet little kiss.

I know that I'm not the perfect one
But I can give you the love you were waiting for
This endless dream of me will become
a sad story from a boy who can't live without you anymore

When I look at you I'm overwhelmed with joy
My emotions for you are endless, and not easy to destroy

So there it is, the moment of truth.
My heart is pounding inside of me.
I'm nervous and sweating, reminds me of my youth.
Is this how love feels? Could it be?

With this poem, I gave you
my hart and my soul.
To let you know that I'm in love.
So my question is: Do you love me like I do?

Please make me whole.

29 maart 2010


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