Mountain Of Love

michael markar

When I look in her eyes she says : come and kiss me without telling me that you going to kiss me.

she says : touch me every where but let me feel Im alone by my self, like she is touching her self.

She says: grab me hard but dont hurt me, search for me but dont call my name.

Call me on the phone but dont say anything , I want to fill the silence by myself with words that are Godly.

If you see me wounded, take care of me but keep the wounds unclosed, I dont want you to stop taking care of me , I want to feel that you are keep up coming back to care for me time after time after time.

When Im dead, grief and cry for me, but dont bury me, I dont want to fade away, keep my ghostly presence alive for ever dwelling in the air.

When you see me crying and being sorry for me, dont look in my eyes but walk away far away baby.

Start at the foot of a mountain and as you climb, think of me with lots of purity and compassion, and finally when you decide to cry please wait till you have reach the top, then let it all out their on the mountain of compassion and love all your tears and let it flow down from the top like a river deep into the valley of my heart, who was dark and dry and waiting for one drupp of your precious tear, then I finally know , that I can love you for eternity without and fear.

20 januari 2010

michael markar


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