Maybe I Have Forgotten How To Love

michael markar

I have forgotten, it's been so long ago, I have forgotten.
How can I feel again, how can I feed my lonely soul once again, I have really forgotten.

Who shall I run into, I'm surrounded with so much attention, yet I cannot imagine how it was to be in love again, I have forgotten how to have that action.

My heart is petrified and defeated and never been lent anymore, but only suffered, it is been to long time ago, when I sat down with my love at the seashore.

loneliness have captured me and made me embittered , yet I feel like a star who rages like a thunder thru a dark planet, and an heart which is always on fire, with never ending desire.

My friends want to celebrate and party all night long, I let myself involve with them on the dance floor, I look around and see only that fake decor.

I feel like I'm surrounded and caught with unreal feelings, I see my sorrow leaks on the dance floor in a form of tears, while everybody dancing to forget, they trying to ignore their own fears.

Oh God you can resist mountains, You let rivers dry out, You make a crying child laugh like he is in heaven sitting on your knee,
but You don't want to mix my feelings, You still want me to stay alone to learn how to become a real man, You still look at me as a baby, so how can I have already my own loving lady?

MY enemy has not sat quietly, sometimes I just want to give up, I don't want to fight anymore, I have forgotten how it was again before.

To find the right person is harder than I thought, this I Knew after the night was falling when I lay down every day on my bed , and loneliness was the only thing that I finnaly caught.

8 januari 2008

michael markar


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