van mijn does (reactie)


It's been a couple of years ago since we've said our first hallo.
I remember 'cause I really liked your smile and your beautiful green eyes.

I never thought I would fall so fast 'cause I just got out of a bad relationship and I was alone atlast.
For some reason you liked me and I just gave in in the moment when I had you beside me.

Things went bad when your family found out and they were really mad by knowing that we were fucking around.
I screw up I've should have known beter, don't know why I tought that we could be together.

You hurt me, you broke my heart in two and to just think I would have done anything for you.
I don't hate you for doing what you did after all I'm a lesbian and you were a confused kid.

Today I think back on our passionate moments and how nice it was to have shared times with you, that no matter what your family did or what they made you choose..I can say FUCK them 'cause I'm still in love with u.

7 maart 2006



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